What Will You Do?

Would you forfeit a fortune in fish to be a follower of Jesus? Would that make you as foolish as… say Simon Peter, James, and John? Simon and his fishing partners were not just playing with boats. For them, fishing was a tough , exhausting profession, a way of making a living that forced them out onto the lake in the wee hours of the night when the fish were rising, and kept them laboring far into the day- washing and repairing their nets, tending to their boats, and, hopefully, selling their catch.

Through long hours and constant maintenance, Simon and his partners were able to scrape by-most of the time. But their livelihood always depended on whether the fish were biting today or not? Sometimes, despite all their hard work, all their careful preparations, the results were empty nets-which translated into empty purses and empty stomachs.

In Luke 5:1-11, Peter and his fishing partners suddenly hit it big. Jesus appears on the scene and His direction becomes their blessing. By following His advice to set our for deep water at clearly the wrong time of day, Peter and the others let their nets down into a huge school of fish.

His nets almost tearing apart, his boat almost swamped by the weight and wealth of this tremendous catch, Peter at fist does everything he can to ensure that this bounty is safely hauled aboard. Peter calls over his fishing partners, and together they quickly fill the second boat to the sinking point.

But suddenly Peter realizes that he is not just standing in the middle of two boatloads of fish. He is standing in the middle of a divine miracle. At the moment Peter was overcome by his own human sinfulness and inadequacy and collapses at Jesus’ knees.

As economic security flips and flops about his feet, Peter next hears from Jesus the words that will truly transform his life. Jesus calls Peter away from a life and lifestyle that has just now grown immensely richer and easier. Jesus calls to them, “Leave your boat and quit fishing. From now on you will be catching people.”

What will you do when Jesus calls you to become a people catcher?

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