We Have Seen A Great Light

The basic theme of the book of Isaiah is found in Isaiah’s name: “Salvation is of the Lord.” Salvation is of God, not man; and His is seen as the supreme Ruler, the sovereign Lord of history, and the only Savior.

Isaiah solemnly warns Judah of approaching judgment because of moral depravity, political corruption, social injustice and specially spiritual idolatry. This sounds as though Isaiah is a contemporary prophet, warning us today of approaching judgment because of moral depravity, political corruption, social injustice, and especially spiritual idolatry.

Because the nation does not turn away form its sinful practice, Isaiah announces the ultimate overthrow of Judah. Nevertheless, God will remain faithful to His covenant by preserving a godly remnant and promises salvation and deliverance through the coming Messiah. The Savior will come out of Judah and accomplish the dual work of redemption and restoration. The Gentiles will come to His light and universal blessing will finally take place.

The prophet Isaiah made the following declaration more than 2500 years ago: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined” (Isaiah 9:2)

We have the blessed privilege of having seen this light in the person of Jesus Christ. We who once walked in darkness have seen it. Those who have walked in the shadow of death have had the light shine upon them.

That is why so many lights are associated with Christmas. The light drives out darkness, it dispels gloom, it lifts spirits, it cheers hearts, it brings renewed hope. The light brings increased joy, heightened expectations, and an overall feeling of cheer and goodwill. the light causes people to wish goodwill to others, often others to whom they might not otherwise speak. The light causes hearts to become tender, more receptive, more caring, more giving, reaching out to the other who scarcely are even noticed at any other time of the year. The light brings smiles to otherwise solemn faces. It brightens faces and spreads joy and peace as can no other single facet of life. It spreads love until it encompasses the earth. We praise Him who is the great Light, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!


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