The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount concerns itself with the kingdom of heaven and establishes specific standards for living on earth. The Kingdom has on its foundation, God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes us sin-conscious. If we repent of our sins we are forgiven by God through faith in His Son. We then become members of the kingdom of heaven.

As members of God’s family we can have no conflicting loyalties. Service  to God must come first. Self, occupation,s family, and possessions must be last on our list of priories. We must be fully aware of this requirement before we proceed in our quest for life. Our service to God cannot be compartmentalized, but must extend to every are of our lives. When we serve God He will provide for all our needs: spiritual, mental, and physical. Therefore, we must not hinder God in His desire to work through us in every area of our lives.

God’s standard for living apply to all people everywhere regardless of race, class, color, nationality, education or wealth. We must accept as a brother any person who repents of his sin and who believes in Christ. In God’s kingdom there are no partitions. Anyone who would exclude others declares himself to be on the outside.

Our Lord begins the Sermon of the Mount with the word ‘blessed’. Some individuals have translated this word as happy. The Latin word for happiness is ‘beatus’ from which we get our word, ‘beatitude’. The word ‘happiness’ is built on the word ‘hap’, and literally means ‘chance’. Human happiness is too often dependent on the chances of life, over which we so often have no control. The word ‘blessed’ is really a much better and stronger word than ‘happy’.

The Greek word for blessed is ‘Makarios’, and literally means “an inner joy that is untouchable by the world”. This meaning is more than a superficial idea of happiness or of material blessedness. It means “a right adjustment with God which issues in spiritual blessings.” Christ is not emphasizing and blessings to be received, but rather the proper condition of the heart that will result in spiritual adjustments that will yield blessings from God. May each of us live lives that are truly blessed by God!

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