We would like to ask if Dr. Lowery’s ministry has touched your life in anyway, please click here and share your experience with us.

Years ago in the 1980's, I was attending the South Pittsburgh Church of God in South Pittsburgh Tennessee. It was time for camp meeting and our Pastor Charles Oaks told us Br Lowery would be preaching and we  needed to attend if possible. A lot of us drove together to Cleveland and was so excited about the meeting. I had never had the privilege of meeting Br Lowery or even hearing him preach until that time, I didn't even know what he look like. (Way before the internet so could not Google anything about him!) We were standing in the hall way waiting for the service to start, just chatting with Pastor Oaks and other friends when one of the side doors opened. The sun was shinning so bright that we could not see who was entering the building. But all of a sudden the whole atmosphere changed, I felt my hair stand on end, like electricity had run thru me. When new could see the gentleman who walked thru the door I asked who it was. Pastor Oaks said, "THAT"S TL Lowery! The Spirit began to move right in the hall way when he entered. not because of the man but because of the anointing that he carries on his life! What a service it was that night and each night after! I will never forget that cam meeting!
Bro Lowery was a great blessing to me during a revival service at the old South Park Church of God in Birmingham Alabama back during the 1950's. Be well. Be blessed.
Jobe N. Statum III , Oxford, AL
Thank God for Bro Lowery! Through his ministry I was born again 6/30/82 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit during his tent meeting on 11/24/82. I have heard many many preachers over these 52 years of my life but I have never heard a better and more powerful speaker than he. If you haven't heard him you haven't heard real Pentecostal preaching
Jonathan Hyers,
My Dad was saved under the Army Tent in Irving Texas in 1966 Dr. Lowery was preaching stopped in the middle of the message pointed at my Dad and said you can't run from God . My Dad stood up and fell in the saw dust , when he got up he was never the same. Our whole family is saved and living for God , I am an Ordained Bishop , my brother Monty is Licensed Minister. We are truly grateful for the ministry of Dr. T.L.Lowery . I was baptized in the Holy Ghost in that same Revival at 9 yrs old .What a true man of God, he is truly respected in the Springer house .
Mike Springer ,
I was in Henderson, NC at your Tent meeting with Herb Wineagar. I had been praying and fasting for 3 days when I attended the meeting one night. On that particular night, the tent was full of people. The Spirit began to move and the anointing became heavy upon you in
which you came off of the stage and ran into the isles and you began to pray for people.

I had a need only God could have met and one only God could have known about. When you came off of the stage you went completely to the opposite side from where I was standing. I closed my eyes and was praying, thinking, I wish he would come and pray for me.

The next thing I knew, somebody grabbed my hand, and said
lets go, and you took me all the way up in front of the tent and
the people, and you spun me around and looked up into the heavens, and called on God and laid your hands on me.

All I can say is that I saw a bright flash of light, and before that I saw the fire of God in your eyes. Witnesses say that when you laid hands on me, my feet went to where my head was, and my head went to where my feet was.

I was out in the Spirit for 10-15 minutes. Again, witnesses said that I was bouncing on the floor, which was hard grass,like a basketball, up and down, and that my body never bent or curved when I bounced... straight out like a plank! As I got up off of the floor, the power of God was all over my life. I had my need met that night, a desperate situation was all taken care of by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and by a Man of God. Thank you my brother, for obeying HIM that night!

God called me to preach, and I have been pastoring now for
over 26 1/2 yrs. I currently serve as District Overseer of the Lenoir, NC area Churches of God in Western, NC. I am so thankful, grateful, that you obeyed God, for out of all of the hundreds of people in that tent that night, and you didn't even know me from a hole in the ground, you picked me to take me to the front of the tent, right in front of everyone, and prayed for me..! You didn't know, but God did..! And HE knew what I needed that night..! I have always respected you and your ministry, and have desired to serve God and to follow your passion for ministry to others just as you have over the decades to those in need!
I love you Bro. Lowery.
God Bless T.L. Lowery...

Bro. Bowes, Lenoir, NC
I got saved at North Belmont, North Carolina Church of God in 1965. As a young girl, my chin got injured while outside playing. It had caused me numerous problems and two surgeries. The doctors were beginning to think the hard lick on my chin was now becoming cancerous because to the reoccurance of problems. My church had prayed for me many times for the Lord to heal me. I believe the year was 1966 or 1967, when we got word that T.L. Lowery was holding a revival at the Kannapolis, North Carolina Church of God, a group of us decided to go. That night, Dr. Lowery had a prayer line and I was near the end. I watched in expectancy as he prayed for many sick people. All of a sudden, he pointed in my direction and called me out to come up to the front. I looked at him and asked, "Me?", and he said, "Yes, you! The Lord is going to heal you tonight!" As I walked toward him and got closer, he stretched out his hand...without even touching me...and I really didn't remember anything else until I got off of the floor. I was healed!!! I just knew it!! That was many years ago, and I haven't had one problem with my chin. I still have the scar from the surgeries and every time I look at it, I am reminded of that night that God used Brother Lowery to pray for me. Dr. T.L. Lowery is a mighty man of God and I respect him for all of his faithful years as a servant of our Lord. God bless you, Dr. Lowery! Thank you, for giving to the Lord. I am so glad you gave!
Joyce Wetherington, Mulberry, Florids
Bro. Lowery called me out at the Ark of Mercy Church of God in Winchester, Ky. He told me God had showed my face to him in his Hotel room. He said you have cancer. I had been suffering for about a yr. with my stomach & I got healed of stomach cancer that morning. Praise God!!! God Bless You Dr. Lowery.
Mary Ann Marcum,
Dr. Lowery prayed for me at Charlotte NC campmeeting. God did such a work in me that day I was never the same. I was so blessed . He is a true GENERAL.
Rebecca Snipes,
In 2003 Bro. Lowery came to my church RIO Central in Maryville, Tenn. I was so broken because of an abusive marriage and I felt so worthless, ugly and unimportant. Bro. Lowery called me forward and placed the mic to my mouth and said," Say I am beautiful!" I couldn't say it. Years of abuse that went even beyond the marriage had ravaged my emotions, heart and I hated myself. He said again more forcefully, "Say I am beautiful!" I looked up with tears in my eyes and whispered, "I am beautiful." He said," Say it again!" I did and something deep in my spirit broke up like the waters of the deep. I wept and wept that day. I went home and looked at myself in the mirror and said, "I am beautiful! I am important! God loves me!" My life healed and I am now ministering to women in broken situations. Thank you Bro Lowery! You are special and unique. Thank you for listening to the Lord that day!
Melissa Ledbetter ,
When I was 13 years old I went with my parents Troy & Lucille Buchanan to South Georgia to My Uncle Elmer Golden Sr. Church to hear Dr. T.L. Lowery minister. I was sitting up in the balcony and when Dr. Lowery finish preaching he was going to have a Prayer Line for the Sick. I had a bad case of Psoriasis on my knees, and elbows and it was spreading. I was always trying to hid it by wearing long sleeves and long dresses. Being a teenager I was so embarrassed in school having to try to cover up with long sleeves in very hot temperatures. God spoke to me "Tonight You Shall Be Made Whole," in the balcony in that service that day when Dr. Lowery Told The People To Come Believing To Receive Their Healing. I went down to get in the Prayer Line and Dr. Lowery Never Touched Me I was way back in the line but He Looked At Me With His Dark Eyes and Pointed At Me and When He Did I Fell Out In the Spirit. When I Came To and Got Up I Return To My Seat till time to go home. The next morning before school I woke up and God said look at your knees and elbows and I looked and I WAS TOTALLY HEALED!!!! NO SIGN OF ANY PSORIASIS AND NEW PERFECT SKIN WAS THERE!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
Pastor Debbie Kendrick,
In 1962, in Tifton Georgia, at a tent revival with Bro. T.L. Lowery The Lord healed my eyes. My eyes were crossed when I was born. My mother was a wonderful Christian woman that truly believed in miracles. She took me through the pray line that night, and The Lord performed a miracle right there. I remember Bro. T.L. told me to walk across the front on the tent so everyone could see what The Lord had done. I was six years old. I still believe in miracles.
June Sandifer, Tifton, GA
On September 24th, 2013, I was to have brain tumor surgery. Brother Lowery was at my home church Freedom Life Church of God in Henderson, NC. with Pastor Jeff Prewer. I went down for healing sharing with brother Lowery I was going in for brain tumor surgery. Brother Lowery said, "Let's do the surgery now." He prayed for me. Long story short, 15 minutes before my surgery. My doctor came in my room and said, Ms. Padgett your surgery has been canceled you don't have a brain tumor. I just said, "Praise God I have been healed!!" Today, I continue to be free of that awful disease. Thank you brother Lowery for being a great man of GOD. I am forever grateful to you for praying for me on that day. May the later part of life be more powerful than the beginning.? Cannot wait for you to come back to our church.
Teresa Padgett ,
My name is Eddie Turner, back in 1963 I was about six months old. There was a new church starting up here in Jackson Ms. The Bailey Ave. church of God. They were having there campground meeting and Dr Lowery was there preaching.I was born totally blind and the doctors said I would never see. My Grandmother talked my Father to take me to the camp meeting. We went down for Dr. Lowery to pray for me. He turned my father around three times and took his cigarettes out of his pocket. My father said he went blind as a bat for a few seconds. They said the next morning was the first time I had reached for my bottle. I can see to get around and most any thing any any one else can do. Except drive. I am legally blind, but happy to have what I have. Thanks to the Lord and Dr. Lowery.
Eddie Turner, Jackson, MS
At the age of 14, I was saved under the ministry of Bishop TL Lowery when he Pastored at the National Church of God when it was located on Allentown Road in Temple Hills MD. He also married my husband and I on February 14, 1991 and he dedicated my 4 girls to the Lord when they were babies over 20 years ago. May God continue to bless you Bishop Lowery and your lovely wife Sister Mildred. My family and I love you soo much! We are still members of the National Church of God under the leadership of his son Steve Lowery.
Rhonda Adams Carey ,
I watched Daystar tonight in Little Rock,AR.I was praying with T.L.Lowery when he was praying and the broadcast cut short while he was praying at 12:58a.m. I just really felt I wanted those powerful anointed prayers for my family to continue.I am really touched by Dr.Lowery's love of God and his fearless way of taking authority and how he move in when God tells him and drops back when God tells him. Truly he is a humble man after God's heart.I am encouraged.
Doris Greer,
1964 we were newcomers to Dallas Texas and to the Church of God. We were so overcome with so many problems when Dr Lowery preached a revival at the Oak Cliff Church of God. I had never heard about a prayer line, but I got in the line. When Dr. Lowery me I had had this affliction for 27years. I was divinely healed that night. When I went home that night I did some research and realized I had been afflicted 27 months ago. I was completely healed. Praise God. There were over 100 people healed and many miracles performed.
Judy Isaacs ,
Brother Lowery, I was 13 at a meeting in Lexington KY Camp Meeting when I first heard you. I was slain in the spirit when you told us to join hands. The floors were concrete. I don't remember hitting the floor. As soon as I took hands of both people on each side of me I was out. One was my best friend. She said, "Your head popped". I didn't get hurt, I simply got up and went on my way wondering what had just happened to me. That experience has given me so much comfort when I doubt or need to feel closer to God.
Sharon Heath,
We have been in several of Bro. Lowery's meetings over the years but I remember the first one that we were in was in a tent revival in Jacksonville, Fl in or around 1967. The power of God was so "on". When he got ready to preach, he started to read from the Bible 3 different times and each time, he could not speak English - it came out in tongues. Wow what a service!!! Needless to say, he never got to start the sermon. People went "wild" and God blessed us mightily. We had driven over 175 miles (from Melbourne, FL) to be in that service. We were young and had taken a car load of young people. He has ALWAYS had a ministry of the highest integrity. I have seen God use him in receiving offerings at camp meetings. There were no begging or pleadings - just stating the need and people started responding because of his sincerity and integrity. He has a beautiful spirit. A GREAT MAN OF GOD!
Pat Sawyer Velie,
“Many years ago in early 60's, Minot N.D. at campmeeting, Bro Lowery called me out and prayed for me . I was pastoring  in Willow City , from that time on God has changed my ministry . We have been preaching everywhere even tent meetings in Canada. Our granddaughter was born without a rectum. Bro. Lowery prayed and almost instant healing. Thank God for men of God that will obey  Him.
Winford Walters, Willow City, ND
I remember the powerful healing services. I did not know much about the power of the Anointing until I became a member of the National Church of God and experienced it at ten years old. I thank God for his faithfulness and I pray he has many more years. Love you and miss you Dr. T. L. Lowery.
Nicole Tolson ,
Robins Ga around 2000 at Pastor Johns church. Uncle TL had been ministering in the alter and on the platform. Most of the folks who had returned to their seats were still praising God with hands raised and eyes closed. The Holy Spirit moved on uncle TL and he raised his hand across one side of the auditorium and blew....every person in that section was slain; then he moved across to the middle section again hand out stretched and blew the breath of God, THAT entire section was slain; on to the last section the same!! One of the most powerful manifestations I have ever personally witnessed!
Avis Elliott Hall Warner,
At age 15 in a tent revival in what they called Fair Park, Birmingham, Alabama I received the Holy Ghost. Will never forget going up a ramp and through the line that night. I am now 62 and never been the same!
Dianne Young Ellard, Birmingham, AL
I will never forget, at age 15, I knelt in the saw dust, under a big tent that he had brought to Hazlehurst Ga. for a two week meeting, and gave my heart to Jesus!! Years later, I had moved to Savannah Ga. at a meeting at Coastal Cathedral, he prayed for my daughter, she received her prayer language. Thank You Dr. Lowery!!! And God bless you as you continue to minister!!
Virginia Murrin ,
My husband’s uncle was healed of tuberculosis in Brother Lowery's first meeting in a tobacco barn in Abingdon, Va. Had to be carried in. After being prayed for Bro. Lowery told him to run (could hardly stand) Ran faster and faster but at first could hardly move. Heard him testify of it many times. Lived to be an old man.
Melba Stallard,
Dr. Lowery was instrumental in helping us acquire our church property about ten years ago, when he served as Assistant General Overseer of the church of God. I actually wrote a book title, Authentic Faith, and in chapter nine I mentioned how God used Dr. Lowery to open the door for us to purchase our church facility. If you are interested, I can send you the story.
Dr. Lowery’s leadership has greatly blessed our church.

Pastor Travis M. Hovde, Minot, ND
When Bro. Lowery held the tent revival in Cookeville TN about 50 years ago, my alcoholic uncle gave his heart to the Lord. From that day on until the Lord took him home he served the Lord. He went on and was filled with the Holy Ghost and fire , he served on the men's council and was a faithful member of the Church of God. In that revival I was healed of a shoulder problem and was blessed beyond words.
Sharon Guy, Cookeville, TN
I was saved in Bro Lowery's tent meeting in Mt Vernon, IL ON Wednesday, September 16, 1961.
Lloyd Austin,
Brother Lowery, my husband and I have followed and been involved with your ministry about 60 years. We have never been disappointed with you and your strong commitment to your calling.
Hugh and Mary Statum,
Dr. Lowery is my mentor. I met him in camp Meeting in the 1990's.He called me out and told me that God had a miracle for me. He has been my friend since that day. I still love to bless him with a hot cup of coffee and a kit kat bar. Little did I ever know that I would Pastor a Church in Greenback, Tennessee and see the incredible things God has performed in the last 13 years.God Richly Bless You Dr.Lowery!!!
Marcus Severance,
Dr. Lowery was my Pastor at National Church of God. He married me to my husband William Jones, we have been married for 27 years now. He has always been dear to me and my family . I am thankful for the Lord placing him into my life. He taught us so much in the things of God. I still think about the tent meetings that we would have and how anointed those meetings were. I have been truly blessed to know Pastor Lowery. Thank you Pastor Lowery for all you have done and for being submitted to the Holy Spirit.
Robin Jones ,
Healed of Diabetes
T.P, Solid Rock Church of God
Wisdom from a seasoned General of the faith. This man of God called me in 2009 to check on my father-in-law, not knowing that I was in Riverside Hospital, very ill & facing exploratory surgery the next day. He prayed with me, God answered, and I went home the day after surgery with a great report! When Generals speak, we do well to listen!
Joyce Wolf,
Dr Lowery was speaking at Hickory 1st the night Jesus rocked my world. I came in with drugs in my pocket and probably partially high....but I can tell ya I hit the floor bounced 3 times and came up a different person. That was 3 and a half years ago! I am blessed ..he is an amazing vessel for Jesus.! It's an honor to post this here
Angela Foster ,
Clement Gibson Clement and I (Rachel) - as well as the Masters family - were blessed to have you as our pastor at North Cleveland COG and I was honored to be your secretary. We were also blessed to be members of your church in the Washington, DC area in its beginning. We learned so much from you; you have had a powerful ministry. We pray that God will continue to use you mightily. Be blessed.
My cousin Marvin Stover worked for Raines Brothers construction and was the foreman when the first North Cleveland Church of God was built several years ago.    My cousin had some back issues at that time.   Marvin was talking with Brother Lowery about his back and he prayed for him and his back was healed that day! He never had another problem with his back, period!  Marvin went on home to be with the Lord last year but I remembered his testimony and thought I would pass it along to you. God bless and thanks to Brother Lowery for being a faithful servant of the most HIGH GOD! THANK YOU!
Starla Chambers,
In December 1997, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  The doctors told me they would take out my womb and I would not have anymore children.  Dr. Lowery laid hands on me, prayed the prayer of faith and I have been cancer free since February 1998.  AND...God blessed my marriage with TWO more sons!  Hallelujah! Lastly, my little brother was born HIV positive and Dr. Lowery had a healing service. I stood in proxy for my brother and he is now TOTALLY healed!  GONE!  No more blood transfusions or medicine, he has been divinely healed by the blood of Jesus!  Thank you Bishop Lowery for impacting our lives from generation to generation!
Tracey Williams ,
My sister in law was healed of cross eye in the Tifton GA Crusade.  Brother Lowery preached Funerals of my Nephew Michael Hill, Brother in-law Gene Hill, and my Dad Elmer Golden Sr.  Dad preached in a morning service in one of the Island Crusades. After preaching he tried to get Brother Lowery to pray for the sick.  Brother Lowery told Dad "you preached you pray,". There were several  miracles that morning.  Dad thought the world of Brother Lowery. Our whole family does.
Elmer Golden, Jr, Tifton, GA
He ministered to me and my family for many years and was my pastor for 12 before he left the DC/ MD area. When I joined National Church of God, he took me by the hand, spoke words of encouragement and prayed. I learned who the Holy Spirit really is under his leadership. God bless him for still having that fire!!! I saw him recently on TBN. God Bless You Pastor TL Lowery!!!
Jackie Battle ,
I have always had great respect and admiration for Dr. Lowrey that started many years ago. I was, I guess you could say that I was born into the Church of God on July 29, 1950 to a young Church of God evangelist and pastor. Living in St. Louis at that time, camp meeting in Flat River, Mo. was a yearly trip. My greatest memory of those camp meetings is one in particular. As a young boy the atmosphere was electric, especially when it was time for the evening service. I can still remember the open air tabernacle, the platform, the dirt floor and the warm air and the pesky annoying flies. The only breeze you had was from all of the paper board hand fans with the wooden stick handles flapping back and forth. Every evening the tabernacle was filled to capacity with standing room only around the outside. I can vividly remember only two of the speakers during those years of which one was J.E. Devore and T.L. Lowrey. The first time I saw and heard T.L. Lowrey preach I was immediately captivated. The next time he spoke I made sure I got to the tabernacle early and secured a seat on the front row just to Bro. Lowery's left. As I sat there I listened to every word and never took my eyes off him. I new that he was talking and preaching to me. I remember how the Holy Spirit would anoint him and as he would deliver the convicting Word of God his left foot would pound the wooden platform with a steady cadence. When he gave the alter call that evening I stood and hit that alter on my knees like a shot from a gun and began to cry and ask God to forgive me and save me. So, since that night almost sixty years ago when Bro. Lowrey put his hands on this young boy's head and prayed, I have never forgotten the night he introduced me to God, my Savior and soon coming King. It has been a long journey standing on mountain tops and walking through the deepest and darkest valleys. From standing on the piano bench in church and singing, "It Gets Sweeter As The Days Go By", to a world off drugs and rock and roll, to the ministry as preacher, associate pastor, Christian singer/song writer only to lose it all again for many years. But during that entire journey I never forgot who God is and where He brought me from and the glorious night many years ago I met T.L. Lowrey and Jesus. I had even sent you a letter in the summer of 1971 and asked you to perform my wedding and you wrote me to regretfully decline because of scheduled speaking engagements which was fine. You gave me the greatest service one night long when you introduced me to Jesus in Flat River, Mo.

I want to let you know that long journey is winding down and I have given Jesus residence in my heart again. Dr. Lowrey, if I never have the privaledge and honor of see you again in this world, I will see you in Heaven.

Stephen E. Tucker ,
I was at a conference and Dr. lowery was so humble when I walked up and shook his hand. Later that night I had the honor of asking him if he would be willing to lay hands on me and pray an impartation prayer over me. Since that Friday night my life has been so unspeakably changed. Not just with my desire in the word of god but the anointing I carry was so unbelievably compounded and enriched by Dr. lowery taking five minutes to lay hands on me. My faith level was increased, my anointing was increased, my humbleness was increased, I just hope when I get to Dr. Lowery’s age I am half the man he is. I thank Gd every day for Dr. lowery and his ministry. I ask God to extend Dr. lowery’s days to impact more men and women and impart to more young people. I can’t come up with enough words to begin to thank Dr. lowery or to explain what that God ordained moment has meant to me. I want to congratulate him on all these many years of ministry and I want him to know that when this "youngman" takes the pulpit every chance I get. I will not ever forget that moment. For the brief moment in time I had a glimpse of what it must have felt like for Elisha when he saw Elijah go up to heaven and he was imparted with a double impartation.
I am so very humbled Dr. lowery that you would do that for lil ol me and I would be lying if I said the devil didn't try to stop me from walking up to you that night or that satan didn't try to tell me because of my past I didn't deserve it. God then reminded me of words that were spoken over me and I heard my grandpa who is in glory now say to me "Boy" what makes you think you aren't worthy of it? I was reminded of people like David in the bible that really screwed up yet God still said I want to use you. I have shared not even a tenth with you what you have meant to me. I grew up near the tail end of the healing crusade era so I do remember your ministry and A.A. ALLEN and Jack Coe and Kathryn Culman and Oral Roberts. Of that era I would have to say that you Dr. Lowery and the late Oral Roberts impacted me the most. My mom used to say that I would stand in my room and preach to my stuffed animals and would lay hands on people and they would recover just because that's what I saw you do and to see it all come full circle and I have the high honor of having you impart on me… thank you a million times and it still isn't enough or come close to showing my respect or admiration for your gift.

Pastor Joseph Huffman,
I grew up in Jacksonville, Fl. We always attended Bro Lowery's tent revivals and I saw saved during a meeting when I was 8. I attended North Cleveland Church of God during my college career at Lee and was blessed to sit under his ministry. The greatest blessing my family received under Bro Lowery's ministry concerns my mother, Ernestine Johns. In April of 1969, my mother attended a meeting in Birmingham, Al and went through the prayer line. Bro. Lowery was just laying hands on people as they passed by but when mom approached he stopped and told the congregation that they had to touch God for her or she would be dead soon. The next day, Thursday, a large kidney stone moved and blocked off the kidney. They operated on Friday night. That night she left her body and meet Jesus outside the gates of heaven. He sent her back after talking with her but we know that it was Bro. Lowery listening to God and the intercession that went up for her that saved her life. She lived until March 30, 1998 - 29 years. Thank you Bro. Lowery for being obedient to God.
Shirley Johns Landers,
Dr. Lowery once said God will bless everything you give Hi.- I've lived by that ever since. And It works.
Lovely Hanna,
Tent meeting in Lake City, Florida in the 1960's. My Dad in his 70's also his brothers and sisters accept Jesus. I'm Church of God member in White Prings, Florida. I remember Herb Wingear and Brother Lowery eating at my mom and dads. He preached the dust up in that tent. His ministry still lives.
Dianne Greene ,
Cancerous tumor on kidney is gone! New x-rays yesterday revealed a scar on the kidney – that’s all!
S. C., Solid Rock Church of God
I accepted the Lord under Brother Lowery’s service in the latter part of 1959 in Winter Haven, FL. I am thankful for the messages of salvation. There has been a change in several of my family members and friends livies. Praise God! God came looking for me! Lots of things has happened God has always been more than faithful. Thank you Brother for Obeying Christ.
Mary Beasley, Winter Heaven, FL
We lived in Cleveland while my Dad attended Lee and then the School of Theology. Bro. Lowery took time out of his schedule and prayed for my sister who had a fever and the fever left her. My family will never forget that! I was so blessed to hear him preach several times when I was a kid and would always listen on the edge of my seat! I tell people that Bro. Lowery is like a modern day Moses!
Christy Silver ,
Many many years ago when I was young in the Lord - I attended a night at Cathedral of Praise in Toledo Ohio. You were preaching that night and at the end mentioned impartation. I was learning about it then and ran to the front! lol You were all the way at the other end of the platform laying hands and people were dropping one by one. After a few min you stopped. You looked across the room to me.( It felt like slo mo in a movie). As I looked in your eyes I saw literal flames of fire. You mouthed to me, "Do you want it?!" I threw my hands up in the air and mouthed back, "I want it all!!" You threw your hand at me as if throwing a baseball. I remember being lifted off the ground and thrown down. I seemed to be doing ab crunches as the glory overtook me! lol I have shared that story many times over the years.
Now I am married to a wonderful man of God. We lead many souls to the Lord, see miracles of healing and manifestations of His glory. God has truly blessed us and we are forever grateful!
I want to say thank you for being so sensitive to His spirit and for all that you have done for the Kingdom's sake!

Suzanne Johnston,
The first time I ever saw Dr. Lowery was six years ago at TBN in Arlington Texas listening to him kept me awash in the holy spirit to the degree of not being able to move just stand in tears and be blessed . that same day my husband was prayed over by Dr. Lowery and turned him around in the spirit faster so that we could go forward in our ministry so God bless him even more amen many thanks to him for listening to God and obeying.
Ivy Beresford,
I remember the first I saw Dr. Lowery in person in a hole-in-the wall church ( I think it used to be a warehouse) in Covington GA 2006.  I'll never forget he said "Someone in this room is going to receive a financial blessing".  About a week later, I received a check in the mail from the IRS for over $300.  I've been able to see you some 6 or 7 times since in different cities, but I tell people that Dr. Lowery is one of the Generals in the faith. God knows this country needs more Generals like Dr. Lowery.
Patricia Manson, Covington, GA