Honoring Mildred Lowery

Aunt Mildred

Mildred Lowery wife of Dr. T.L. Lowery, died Saturday at a local health care facility. She was 84.

Mrs. Lowery has been with her husband throughout his ministry.

Her importance to the ministry is stated on here on the website.

“During his years of ministry, his wife, Mildred Woodard Lowery, has labored faithfully alongside him and has graced his ministry with her compassionate nature and discerning spirit.”

Their son, Dr. Stephen L. Lowery, followed in his parents’ mission and is now Senior Pastor of the National Church of God in Fort Washington, Maryland where his father once pastored.

In the book, “Faith of Our Mothers: Inspirational Stories of Church of God Women,” Stephen Lowery spoke of his mother…    “I take nothing away from my father’s accomplishments,” he wrote.  “But I have to point out that with each emerging dimension of his life and ministry, Mildred Lowery has been anointed with the ability to keep up, add to, and control all that energy. She is not T.L. Lowery; she did not make T.L. Lowery; she made him better.”

—-Write-up courtesy of the Cleveland Daily Banner


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