His Name is Mighty God

During the lifetime of Isaiah, Israel and the adjacent nations believed in many types of man-made gods. Idolatry was a menace, and, unfortunately, many of God’s chosen people, the Israelite’s, were susceptible to false religions and man-made gods. None of them seemed to care that the gods were motionless and useless. The idols could not move their hands. They could not move their feet. The idols could not speak and they could not hear. They couldn’t blink their eyes; they couldn’t taste, and they couldn’t breathe. The idols couldn’t forgive sins and they couldn’t deliver from trouble and evil. The idols couldn’t heal sickness nor disease. The idols couldn’t be everywhere at the same time- they could only be at one place at one time and then someone had to carry them. They didn’t have any power and they didn’t know anything. Those idols couldn’t give encouragement, nor could they relieve despair.

The prophet Isaiah surely signed with satisfaction when he spoke of the one whose name is Mighty God. Unlike the powerless gods of the nations, the expected one would be Mighty God; all who saw Him would see Jehovah in action. It is interesting to know that, in the Old testament, there are at least 213 texts where the gods of the nations are mentioned. There are other verses where the word idol is substituted for gods. Yet, never on any occasion is an idol, or god, referred to a Mighty God. In 1 Samuel 4:7,8 scripture eliminating from the camp of the Israelite’s.

“And the Philistines were heathens who, in their superstitious belief, attributed the miracles performed by Moses to mighty gods of whom they had little, if any, knowledge. NO prophet ever said an idol was might.” That definition was reserved exclusively for Jehovah.

His name is lofty, inspiring, virtuous, majestic, and impressive. His name is Mighty God! Let us worship Him with praise and adoration!

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