His Name Is Everlasting Father

This name, Everlasting Father, in all probability, was the most difficult, the most inscrutable name ever given to the Savior. But, the fatherhood of Jesus has seldom been mentioned. Yet, Isaiah proclaimed “His name is Everlasting Father.” Evidently, Isaiah wished to emphasize that the coming Messiah would not be a god among many other, but the One God, the Only God, who from eternal ages had been the Father, or Benefactor, of everything that existed.

Since God, by creation, produced the human race, He is the Father of everything that exists. However the term “Father” was never applied to Jesus during His sojourn on earth. Fathers are expected to do at least three things for their families: to plan, provide, and protect. All these facets of truth were clearly seen in the relationship between God and the children of Israel. Jehovah planned that they should be His chosen people; throughout history He would provide for their needs and protect them when danger threatened their existence.

Even though Jesus was never addressed as “Father”, He nevertheless expressed all the characteristics of the relationship shared by God with the chosen people. What Jehovah had been to Israel, Christ was to His followers. A body had been prepared for Him, and with a separate identity He was able to set before the disciples a pattern they were expected to follow. Although He was equal in sum and substance with the eternal God the Father, as a man He set an example for us to follow.

Although His name is Everlasting Father, Jesus Christ-whose birth we celebrate this Christmas-directs us to life up God the Father, give reverence to Him, worship Him, behold Him with respect, and regard Him with astonishment.

Jesus, the Son of God, the One whose name is Everlasting FAther, taught us to esteem the Father, to fear Him, to stand in wonder before Him, to admire Him and to regard Him with awe. WE should stand in amazement of His wonderful works to the children of men, behold Him with an attitude of wonderment, and marvel at His attributes.

Yes, Jesus name is Everlasting Father. But He came to do the will of the Father. His submission to God the Father didi not diminish his divinity nor His own Godhood. His name is Everlasting Father! And we worship the One whose birth we celebrate this Christmas!

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