Grace Is Our Reason To Pray

When we pray we should give thought to what we are saying and we should be natural. God isn’t impressed by our words. He wants to hear what’s on our hearts.

Did you know your prayer life can be affected by how you relate to others? Withholding forgiveness, harboring grudges, shunning others, not speaking to them, making accusations, letting relational wounds fester, these can all get in the way of a healthy prayer life and even hinder your walk with God. Pray to be heard by God, not applauded by people. Pray from your heart. Before you approach God forgive others. These instructions are simple. If you follow them, they will yield supernatural results. We will then be more aware of relationships that need mending. We will draw closer to God. And God will seem more like a loving Father and less like a drill sergeant.

In prayer, when we tell God everything, our circumstances may not change, but we will. We let Him carry the loads that are too heavy for us to bear. We trust Him to handle the problems that are out of our control. And our anxiety decreases as we learn to trust in His care.

In the last part of Matthew 6, Jesus reminds us hat everything we need comes from our Father in heaven. Why should we be anxious, when our lives are in the care of a God who pays such close attention to birds and flowers? How much more must He care for us?

God won’t ignore us. God won’t rip us off. God won’t slap our hands. We’re His children. When we pray, we affirm that everything we need comes from His hand.

The Lord looks upon the prayer as it comes from your heart. This ought to encourage those of us who think that we are feeble or unskilled in prayer. If you find it difficult to pray or have grown rusty in your praying, never give us. Keep coming to the Lord in prayer. God’s throne is not a place of severe criticism. When you come to God’s throne in prayer you will find a throne of grace.

Grace, not guilt, is our reason to pray.

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