God Gives Unusual Power

By faith, Ananias called on God’s power (Acts 9:17). He knew that the Lord wanted to use him as an instrument of grace and commissioning. We can admire the straightforward courage of Ananias, who knew that the future of the church would be affected by his faithful actions.

The unusual power that came over Paul is the same power that raised Jesus from the grave! The story is told of a Welsh woman who lived in a remote valley in Wales. She went to a great deal of trouble to have electrical power installed in her home. But it was noticed that she didn’t use very much electricity at all. In fact, her usage was minuscule. A meter reader went to check on the matter. He asked her, “We’ve looked at your meter and can’t figure it out. Don’t you use your electricity?” She says, “Oh yes, We turn it on every night so we can see to light our lamps, and then we turn it off again.”

That’s the way many Christians live. The power of the Resurrection is avaliable to us so that we can carry on the ministry of Jesus in victorious living! It is sad to see that because of our doubts and fears, so many believers fail to experience the power of God in their everyday lives.

Each of us has the opportunity to tap into the resurrection power that God makes available to us through Christ. It begins with the prayer of faith. You can pray something like this: “Lord, as Your transforming power changed Paul’s life, and consequently the future of the Christian church, give me the faith to believe Your power is still available to change my own life… and the future of my own church. I leave my concerns, my hopes, and my future in Your hands. Amen.”

When we believe that resurrection power is alive and available for us, this ensures in our own hearts the bright future that lies ahead both for our individual lives and for the church. It remind us, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

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