Filling and Giving

Our culture, and the media driving it, teaches us what is contrary to the kingdom of God-that joy comes from abundant possessions rather than abundant giving. This even finds its way into our churches. We are instructed to vie so that we can get more. The apparent words there are “so that”. The misguided force behind this teaching is that life comes from abundant possessiveness.

To be a cheerful giver means that I’m not giving to get more, all along thinking that life is in the return. A cheerful giver pours because he believes that life is in the pouring. Those who feign cheerfulness but in reality only rejoice in the thought of their “hundred-fold return” will eventually hoard their blessings. That kind of giving is like playing the stock market. You invest to get a greater return, to reinvest for even greater returns and so on until you take the cash and run. The point all along was to hoard.

The miracle of unlimited supply continued as long as the window continued to pour. The miracle of abundant life continues in our hearts as long as we continue to be “Spirit-filled”. If you stop giving, you will certainly dry up as a Christian, and your vessel will be empty. Always keep yourself in a position in which you are able to give.

The widow at Zarephath must have surely hesitated to give her last meal to Elijah. But having given it in faith, she was the recipient of a miracle. The oil and flour were not exhausted (1 Kinds 17:16). Taking the time, effort, and expense to pour into empty vessels is not a drain. Rather it is invigoration. You will always receive back more than you give.

So what are you looking for? Are you looking for what you can get our of life, or are you looking for what you can pour out in life? Are you going to be a giver or a taker? Make a decision right now. Pray this prayer unto God: “Lord, fill me so full of Your Spirit that it spills out onto others. Out of that filling, I want to pour out into the vessels of other people’s lives. I am going to pour into empty vessels and be a Spirit-spilled, Spirit-filled- spirit-giving Christian. I am going to pour myself into helping others, giving them out of what You have given me, so that the needs of others can be met. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.”

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